Mihael Vidas, The Gemstone Enthusiast

Mihael Vidas, The Gemstone Enthusiast

Mihael Vidas is an artist from Croatia, actor, photographer, website designer and gemstone enthusiast.

Knowing each other from 2012. and speaking the same language Mr. Jean Louis and Mr. Mihael Vidas engaged in partnership with purpose to promote Tanzanite gemstones to the world.

Tanzanite Apollo Business Card

The blue and beautiful, more rare than a diamond, Tanzanite is excavated from deep underground mines by people also known as Apollo.

Tanzanite miners are Apollo people.

The creation of Tanzanite Apollo partnership is thus helping the Tanzanite miners and connecting them directly to the world.

Review some pictures about Mihael Vidas and learn more about his part in creation of Tanzanite gemstone polishing and sales business.