Tanzanite gemstones and special offers for sale

Special offers by Tanzanite Apollo

Special offers of Tanzanite gemstones.

Except Tanzanite, we may offer other gemstones such as Tsavorite, Granular Garnets, Chrysoberyl, Moonstone, Acquamarine, you name it. Gemstone polishing factory direct from source of Tanzanite in Mirerani Town, 68 km from vulcano Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. All types of gemstones as single or lots will be available for export.

Majority of Tanzanite gemstones are heated to gain the color.

Sales to North America

Exclusive seller for North America is Thetabiz Corporation, Tacoma, WA, which may accept payments for our sales of gemstones. Director is Mr. Rick Phipps.

Sales to Europe

Exclusive seller for Europe is RCD WEALTH LTD, Manchester, United. Director is Mr. Mark Crisp.

Deliveries and shipping

Handling prior to shipment in June 2019 may take more than 30 days. Shipmnet will be conducted by DHL. All boxes of gemstones are verified with the Ministry of Minerals of Tanzania, with duties paid and included in pricing. Shipments are insured.

Boxes with gemstones are sealed with the wax, stamp and with security labels.

Special Offers

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Contact Tanzanite Apollo now. Tanzanite Apollo Limited is gemstone polishing factory located directly in Mirerani, the source of Tanzanite mining in Tanzania.

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