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Contact Tanzanite Apollo, Gemstone Polishing Factory


You are welcome to contact Tanzanite Apollo Partnership to obtain Tanzanite directly from source, cut and polished, by any color and quality you wish, including specimens for decoration and investment grade round polished Tanzanite of best colors!

It is easy to contact us by email: Just click there, you should be able to send us email right away.

If you wish to call, remember, we may not answer immediately, but please leave a message, as we always answer back.

To call directly the manager of the partnership and company Start Your Own Gold Mine Mr. Jean Louis, and to speak directly, please use the following number: +385958185403. Mr. Louis is currently in Europe presenting our business on mineral fairs.

Location in Tanzania

The Tanzanite Apollo Limited is in Tanzania and directly on the source of Tanzanite near Lelatema hills in Mirerani Town, Tanzania.,Tanzania#map=9

Director Mr. Jean Louis

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Availability for meetings

We may do meetings in United States and European countries and in Tanzania in Arusha, Geita, Mwanza, Dar es Salaam, Moshi and any other city.

Authorized sales importer for Tanzanite in United States

Our company Tanzanite Apollo represented in United States by company Start Your Own Gold Mine and Mr. Rick Phipps, you may reach him on the phone + 1 (415) 832-0132.

Mr. Rick Phipps and RCD WEALTH are based in Tacoma,WA in United States. Tanzanite may be imported to United States and distributed from Tacoma.


Contact Tanzanite Apollo now

Contact Tanzanite Apollo now. Tanzanite Apollo Limited is gemstone polishing factory located directly in Mirerani, the source of Tanzanite mining in Tanzania.

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